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Using simple English as a code and ready-​ made templates by nontechnical yourself

Why US

PLATMA is not a low-code platform, even is not a no-code platform in ordinary point of view. It`s far beyond that concept. PLATMA is an Extreme No-Code Development Platform – simple declarative English as a code.
Real Declarative Programming approach
Extreme No-Code platform is grounded on the real Declarative Programming approach
Development acceleration
Open Source platform offers development acceleration to its users
PLATMA’s standards are easy to understand
PLATMA’s standards are easy to understand making it comfortable for you to use the platform
AI tool that use can use right on the fly
What you see is what you get with our AI tool that use can use right on the fly

How does Platma work?

Easy Front-End Development
You can work as you like, but we'll start with​ the Front-end. ​ Easily drag and drop elements from the library to build the structure
Fast Back-End Development
Now let's move to the Back-end. The principle is the same: drag and drop all elements. Now we will make a QR-code generator for accounting of goods​
Secure Database
On the first slides, we did Ul and added a table with products. Next, we will connect them by pulling data from our inbuild database. Add values from the Data room and get everything pulled up on the fly.
Custom Design
Then we create the query «QR-Code generator». After that, a new QR code will be generated automatically for each product.
What You Get
  • The whole system was built in 2 hours
  • Allows you to generate a QR code​
  • Pulls up quantity data from micro dashboard
  • Removes manual product management and saves your time

Start using the platform to see the first results

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Experts and investors about PLATMA

Christoph Daszkiewicz
Head of software at Schneider Electric VC, former Manager Corporate Development Siemens Industry Software which acquired Mendix for 600M Euro
About Platma
The PLATMA team went even further than the product vendors of the previous generation: they propose to build ready-to-go systems based on the interactive communication of “Citizen Developers” (stakeholders without coding skills) with the system using simple English.
Vitor Cruz
Senior Banking Executive with 30 years of experience in project management, business development, and digital product solutions
About Platma
PLATMA is designed so that it performs that partner role for any business analysts that uses it. Meaning it will be that second “expert analyst” helping “parallel solve” tasks together with the user.
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