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Are you an experienced front-end developer? Even if not - your technical skills don’t matter. Get a ready app without any line of code
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*powered by ToolJet
All you need to create
beautiful interfaces
Tons of UI components
On the platform, you can find such AI elements as tables, forms, etc. Connect them and create complex solutions. 
Application through multiple pages
Divide your applications into multiple pages. Provide a user-friendly experience through better functionality.
Custom design
Customize your application - match the components to any design needs. 
Loved by developers
Event-driven architecture
Enhance your application with robust business logic effortlessly. Our powerful event-driven architecture requires minimal coding.
Adjusting tools
On the platform, you can find UI Builder which includes a set of integrated debugging tools. They are designed to swiftly identify and resolve bugs within your intricate business logic.
Adaptive architecture
Facilitate the scalability with UI Builder modular architecture. PLATMA employs reusable entities - queries, components, and custom code to streamline the expansion of your applications.
Customized logic
Tailor UI Builder  to meet your specific business needs with our custom JavaScript and Python scripts, allowing seamless integration of unique logic.