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Are you an experienced front-end developer? Even if you’re a newcomer, your technical skills don’t matter. Get a ready app without a single code string.
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All You Need to Create
Amazing Interfaces
Diversity of UI components
On the PLATMA platform, you will discover a prominent diversity of UI components, such as tables, modals, calendars, tabs, lists, statistics, etc. Arrange them with the necessary layout and create complex solutions.
Applications with multiple pages
Set up your applications on multiple pages. Provide a user-friendly experience through clear pagination and sectioning of your final product
Inspect and debug on the fly
Use our powerful Inspector and Debugger tools to check and fix your applications. Our Inspector helps you to find every detail of the necessary object, and our Debugger checks your application on the fly.
Loved by developers
Event-driven application architecture
Enhance your application with intuitive event handlers. Set up an event handler for any UI component and adjust debounce time to streamline the triggering intervals.
Light or dark theme
In our UI Builder, you can choose between light and dark themes. Use the theme that is most comfortable for you and work in a convenient environment.
Adaptive architecture
You do not need to scale your applications — just create and release them. Everything will work under any load and at any scale.
Customized logic
Add JavaScript and Python scripts when necessary to allow query transformations. Add events to your queries to implement sophisticated operations in your apps.