PLATMA’s Ready-Made Templates

for Your Business Management and Optimization
On the PLATMA platform, you can discover different templates that can be easily edited, no matter your technical skills. With the power of extreme no-code, it is possible in a few minutes. Do you want to fasten your operations, increase sales, or have all the essential data in one place? PLATMA has it all and even more!
Products Inventory
Promocode Manager
Multi-Step Form
Mini CRM with Notifications
Products Inventory
Fast products management
Add new products, edit product details in the database table, add QR code generation and update features.
Seamless product monitoring
Monitor your product availability using mini dashboards on the Home screen.
Simplified products maintenance
No more manual efforts – check item availability using filters and add items to refill the stock.
What you get
Using a simple product inventory management template, PLATMA allows small and medium-sized businesses to add new items, update the present items, and track their availability. No stress, just seamless flow.
Promocode Manager
Intuitive template
To customize your application, you can change the components’ layout, properties, and style. Add new promos or edit the existing promos, manage your promos, add or update QR codes to your promos, and link a database for promos.
Promos management
Use promos management for shops, classes, services, etc. Add new promos and edit the existing promos to schedule time slots or adjust a discount.
Preview mode
Use Preview to see your scheduled promo final version after adding or updating a promo.
What you get
PLATMA’s intuitive template boosts sales or attracts new customers to your shop, saloon, HoReCa business, and other small and medium-sized businesses. Your customers will just scan the QR code and navigate to goods, and you can free your time for new ideas.
Multi-Step Form
Lightweight template
Using drag-and-drop components on the platform, you can adjust every step of your application according to your needs. No sophisticated designs, no tricky logic — just simple and robust.
Data collection in a few clicks
Customize input fields to allow your customer to fill in their data, address information, and description text in an understandable manner. This template has pre-defined inquiry types, but you can change them immediately.
Easy customers interaction
Collect your customers’ data fast – they fill in the details on every screen and navigate using the “Continue” and “Back” buttons. The final screen has an inquiry title and description field.
What you get
PLATMA lets you work fast without coding or heavy workflows. Use this template in any area where customer data can apply – registration or confirmation forms, claims, requests, or any interaction with a user. Stop wasting your time on emails and calls!
An intuitive appointment workflow
This template allows your clients to select a service time slot, provider, and service type and navigate between the screens in a pre-defined order.
Service scheduling
With the help of the calendar widget, you can enable time slot booking.
Easy management
List view components help you to render data from the linked database tables.
What you get
This user-friendly template is perfect for scheduling any of your services in a timely manner. No need to maintain complex appointment procedures – save your money on receptionist or manager work, avoid confirmation calls, and focus on performing more orders or providing extra services.
Mini CRM with Notifications
Simple investigation
Customized mini dashboards and statistics components feature all the KPIs in one place to retrieve data about total and monthly profit, understand the attraction of your business based on the number of new clients, and stay informed about average checks and the number of active users.
You can set up a Notification period and method to be aware of all the data and stay satisfied with the results of your work.
Data monitoring
A convenient dashboard aids you in monitoring order amounts and staying aware of statistics — see your total revenue and compare it to the last month
What you get
Managing your business using this Mini CRM template is easier than ever. Navigate to the Customers, Orders, or Products screens and dive deep into the investigation of your success.