Get Visual Workflow Automation with Nodes
Connect nodes using drag and drop elements simply integrating them into your projects. PLATMA makes it adaptable to any preferred style of development and business logic
Trusted by community
Variety of nodes
On PLATMA, you can choose from over 4600 different nodes to manage your system quickly and easily
Seamless integration
With modules, you can seamlessly use and integrate nodes into your projects - they are perfect for any business needs
Intuitive navigation
Connect nodes using drag-and-drop elements. PLATMA provides you with an intuitive interface so you can understandably navigate the platform
Secure data
Whether you're querying an on-prem database or dealing with unconventional authentication methods, workflows set themselves apart by seamlessly handling these tasks, unlike many other automation tools
Suitable for various devices
Join nodes to different devices and services - PLATMA solves the issue of cross-managing data
Reusable workflows
Generate reusable sets of logic by invoking workflows within other ones
Drag and Drop visual workflow automation
Intuitive blocks
Workflows consist of blocks, comprising interconnected queries or JavaScript. Begin by selecting the desired method for running your workflow
Built-in connectors
Access data through numerous built-in connectors (databases, third-party services, etc)
Managed data
Prepare, merge, and format your data to align seamlessly with your business workflows. You can utilize integrated filtering, branching, and looping capabilities for the swift handling of typical data manipulation tasks
Connect nodes and
get a result on the fly
PLATMA brings efficiency to the next level offering you seamless work in the workflow section