Database for Your Powered Applications
Store your data like never before! Gathering and storing input data from operations is crucial to make your application fully-fledged and multi-layer. We made it easy to create, access, edit, and connect to UI your databases.
Empower your apps with built-in PostgreSQL databases
All data in one place
Now, you have all the necessary data and tools at hand. Our platform allows you to link NodeRED capabilities and InBuild databases.
User-friendly database
We created an intuitive and simple UI/UX for our databases. Nothing can stop you now from facilitating data management in your apps.
Reduced complexity
Easily store and connect data to UI Builder components. Use the Bulk upload function to fill your database with data in seconds.
No more headache
Safe environment
Use PLATMA to safely implement and deploy changes. Create or upload your databases to implement changes to your applications safely.
Enriched functionality
PLATMA provides a full scope of functions to maintain your databases. Add or edit fields to your database, filter and sort records in a database, adjust pagination, and create, edit, or duplicate your database.
Link records in one database
Thanks to the enabled feature of relative tables, it’s possible to merge data from different databases into relation fields of a new or edited data table. You can also create several databases to collect different data types, create a database with relation fields to summarize data from different databases and link the summary database to UI components using a query.
Connect data and UI
Using the platform, create databases effortlessly. Add UI components to the design canvas and use queries or events to connect them with the database. For example, the UI component Table can be connected to the database using a respective query. So, every change to the UI component Table leads to changes in the connected database.
Bulk upload your data
Effortlessly create a database and fill it with data from existing CVS files. This feature saves time on manually adding the data. Create as many databases as you need and fill them efficiently.
Manage your data
Modify the databases as you build during the app development. Database management can streamline the process of creating apps and databases on a platform.
integrated database
Serves as the central repository for all information, ensuring data consistency and reliability. Create tables and fields for your apps in a few seconds without writing code