Digital Information Portal Powered by PLATMA: Help from Transcarpathia Case

Help from Transcarpathia is another powerful solution that is powered by PLATMA and is aimed at aiding all people from the region affected by the war in Ukraine.

As a lot of war victims need material and psychological help due to the ongoing situation in the country, there was a strong need to develop such a portal to speed up and facilitate these processes. So, the goal was to create a safe digital place for anyone affected by the Russian invasion that would afford 24/7 available help.

Together with PLATMA, the task was to present a portal with various useful functions to fulfill the needs of every person that needs help.

The Challenge

When getting help the main challenge is that a person needs to write a statement describing a problem and then submit it to the citizen appeals department. All these steps take time and effort. That is why it was decided to simplify the processes and make them practically automated.

And the choice was made in favor of PLATMA since we have a Low-code platform with ready-made solutions and citizen developers, which significantly save both time and costs.

Firstly, it was necessary to move the list of documents right to the portal. In addition, the function to upload them right on the platform was also needed. To make this convenient the PLATMA team started to work on the perfect solution.

The Solution

The professional team was developing the platform whose entire backend works on PLATMA. The website features a functional admin panel where in a few clicks affected residents can apply for the appointment of several types of financial assistance under the relevant regional program. The portal also offers several important services for family members of missing or captured defenders.

When registering, a person enters data with the district name and sees the destination to go. There is a post office and a mobile phone number where a person can call and get useful information. The website has two components: theoretical and practical, where a war victim can fill out questionnaires and submit applications online. The portal has a corresponding list of documents, and people can download them at home and fill them out to receive further assistance.

The Results

The result for Help from Transcarpathia shows a big step towards digitization of the sphere of social protection. Namely, the portal provides payments to servicemen, wounded and injured, as well as people suffering from diseases related to the defense of Ukraine and those who have a disability.

On the portal, family members of defenders who went missing during the performance of military service duties or were captured and held by illegal armed formations in the territory not under the control of Ukraine can apply for assistance.

Also, for participants in military operations, there is an opportunity to apply for:

  • reimbursement of expenses for sanatorium-resort treatment
  • partial compensation for the purchase of alternative energy sources for local businesses
  • submit an application for recruitment to the regional center for training the population for national resistance.

In general, applying takes 10 to 20 minutes. After that, it immediately goes to social security workers. Applications from military personnel and their family members are considered within three days. In case of incorrect registration of the application or submission of the necessary documents, the social worker contacts the citizens.

Why Choose PLATMA for Making Your Solution Work?

Turning to PLATMA, you get worthy services that stand out from other companies at an affordable price and quality. The low/no-code development platform is grounded on the real declarative programming approach and offers a range of tools to help you launch and promote your IT products.

In the case of Help from Transcarpathia, PLATMA’s software development tools helped to digitalize processes simplifying and speeding them up. As a result, people got enhanced experience and can receive help whenever they need it.