Educational Platform with IT Courses Powered by PLATMA: Main Academy Case

Main Academy – a platform aimed at training students by international standards and requirements of leading IT companies. The solution fully works on PLATMA and helps everyone who wants to develop in IT to start their professional path.

As a lot of companies in Ukraine face a lack of qualified personnel, the need to create a powerful platform with specialized IT education arose. What’s more, many students have problems with receiving both practical and theoretical skills that would meet national and international requirements of IT companies, as well as the European e-CF competency model. Main Academy is solving these issues.

Together with PLATMA, the goal was to create an educational portal that would offer its users expertise, convenience, and reliability in one place.

The Challenge

Often students buy a course with zero knowledge of programming and do not get the desired expectations. As a result, they spend money but their skill level does not even change. Therefore, the main challenge was to provide such a solution to users so that after a few months they could reach the level of Junior Developer.

And this is possible with PLATMA, a low/no-code platform that offers ready-made solutions to cut on time and costs for the project. Firstly, it was necessary to put all courses (QA automation, Data Scientist, Basic System Administrator, C#, QA Manual, Python Developer, Java, DevOps, Front-End, and much more) on one portal. What’s more, the courses should contain video and audio materials with the possibility of further updating. Secondly, students needed access to the learning system 24/7. To make all these functions convenient, the PLATMA team started to create the perfect solution.

The Solution

The professional team presented a functional and convenient educational website based on modern design requirements. The portal, which the backend works on PLATMA, contains all the data about the users of the platform. Using low/no-code tools the team developed and designed secure data storage that provides access to students’ information, course recordings, and certificates of completion.

What’s more, a large number of technical modules on the website were implemented along with a multifunctional CMS system to make the process of moderation and adding new information easier.

The students also can chat with the teacher online right on the website. This function enables quick and convenient communication since during the course users of the platform may have questions and it is important to quickly give them high-quality answers.

The results

The final result for Main Academy is a fully functional educational website that architecture was designed for high load. This allows many thousands of users to visit the resource at the same time. In addition, the team of specialists developed intelligent filters and a panel to facilitate the search for the necessary course and teacher for the student of the platform.

The website is convenient for teachers who can:

  • add content
  • edit courses
  • view students’ results.

While students can see all the necessary information regarding course completion and payment status.

Why PLATMA is the best among others

Turning to the PLATMA services, you get customer-oriented assistance that is worth your money and time. With the help of the low/no-code development platform that is grounded on the real declarative programming approach, you can launch and promote your products easier and faster.

In the case of Main Academy, PLATMA’s software development tools simplified processes providing students and teachers a place to share knowledge. Finally, Main Academy has become the educational portal that boasts the largest course programs in Ukraine (100-170 hours) and includes all the necessary material for mastering IT specialization.