Building Robust Web Applications: Best Practices and Tips
Web application development

Imagine John. He’s been searching for a solution to create a mobile web application for his customers to make it easier for them to shop in his store. However, with a limited budget, it seemed impossible to spend over $3,000 to hire a developer to create an app from scratch. This situation was until he discovered PLATMA.

Our low-code platform allows the creation of web applications without extensive programming knowledge or a dedicated IT team. It offers a range of customization options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

With PLATMA, John gained an opportunity to create a web version of his mobile app, including all the requested features, such as product listings, shopping cart, order processing, and payment processing. Moreover, he managed to integrate it with his existing inventory management, payment processing, and delivery systems to create a seam less customer experience.

The most impressive thing about PLATMA is the level of customization it offers. John created an app tailored to his business and customers’ needs. He could add and remove features as required and adjust the user interface to match his branding and design preferences. He experienced benefits from complete control over the development process without relying on a
third-party developer.

In addition, PLATMA allowed John to use the web application to streamline other internal processes within his business, such as warehouse inventory management. John created an app to scan product barcodes using his smartphone camera, integrate with his CRM system, and automate routine tasks, making his business operations more efficient and cost-effective.

John found PLATMA to be an excellent solution for his needs. Its low-code platform allowed him to create a web application quickly and easily without extensive programming knowledge or a dedicated IT team. John developed a one-of-a-kind app that caters to his business and customers’ requirements.

With the flexibility to customize it according to the needs, PLATMA is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who aim to create their own web applications.