Combination of ready-made templates

Imagine a small business that sells online. Although it’s small, it requires performing many routines. In everyday life, this small business faces challenges like inventory checks, stock availability monitoring, promos management (if any), inquiries handling, etc. And we don’t even mention KPIs monitoring. It’s hard work behind the stage — to keep all aspects working correctly and efficiently. And what to do? One can say, “Use available CRM systems like Magento, Zoho, Salesforce, or others.” Yes but…. They can be tricky, they can be expensive, they might not meet all the requirements, and they might not allow for fine-tuning.

PLATMA has a solution: our ready-to-use templates. It is meaningful to consider a combination of several templates in one application. For example, PLATMA templates like Mini CRM, Product Inventory, Promocode Manager, and Multistep Form are designed for these needs.

A Mini CRM Template is a tool for monitoring the KPIs of your business and analyzing your statistics metrics. This template can be adjusted for products, orders, customers, and notifications according to your needs. Light-weighted and simple diagrams let us understand the flow of orders and share of new customers within the set timeframe.

The Product Inventory Template is a solution to monitor stock availability. It has a mini dashboard with trackers to check the product’s total amount, low stock, and out-of-stock metrics. The products can be added to the Products table. This template is very flexible and customizable thanks to its drag-and-drop components with adjustable properties, connected databases on the back end, and intuitive design.

The Promocode Manager Template is designed to manage promos. This template is helpful in application areas where you want to attract more customers to your business. It’s possible to schedule or edit promos or generate QR codes for promos. This template combines the front end, back end (NodeRED), and data tables. Although it uses a full-stack design, it’s still highly customizable and could be tailored to meet business needs. Drag-and-drop components, set NodeRED workflow, and relative or standard data tables allow coverage of all necessary features to manage promos.

The Multistep Form Template is a lightweight application to collect customer inquiries and data. In this combination of templates, it could be used to solve communication issues. Customers can use this template to communicate with the business team regarding requests, claims, suggestions, etc. This template facilitates the work of the support or business team and serves as a means to gather data for other templates. It’s ready to use “from the box” and requires minimal adjustments. It doesn’t contain complicated workflows or tricky components, so a user, even without technical skills, can customize it with ease.

So, a combination of a few templates from PLATMA allows you to cover all the business needs of an SMB without the involvement of programmers or buying subscription plans for multiple platforms.
PLATMA is an impressive solution for business owners who prefer to hold their hands on the pulse and stay on the same page with the latest trends in IT achievements!