Efficiently Connecting and Sharing Data between Applications
API connectors

Imagine a company that works for an e-commerce company. Both companies use multiple systems to manage their operations, including delivery service tools, CRM, and Excel spreadsheets. However, these systems don’t communicate with each other, thus resulting in a significant amount of manual data entry.

Fortunately, PLATMA has allowed them to connect all these systems and automate their business processes quickly. For example, companies have four managers who handle product shipments. In the past, it was necessary to
make calls to get updates on the status of each shipment and update the records manually. But with PLATMA, they can consolidate all the data in one web application by simply dragging and dropping cubes without any programming expertise.

One of the most impressive features of PLATMA is its open API. The API allows for creating custom integrations with any other systems and services they might need. This feature is a fantastic treasure in stream lining their operations and improving efficiency. With the help of PLATMA, it became possible to save the lion’s share of time and resources and to redirect toward growing their business.

PLATMA is a powerful low-code platform. Any business owner considering stream lining their operations and automating processes should use PLATMA. Join and try it.