Revolutionizing Customer Service with Chatbots
Сhat Bot

This is Jill. She has a small business and is using the Low-code PLATMA platform to completely change the way it’s run. Specifically, as someone who sells courses and actively manages a Telegram channel, PLATMA has been a game changer for her. Prior to using PLATMA, Jill found herself spending all her free time communicating with customers and responding to inquiries. However, with the help of PLATMA, She’s been able to automate this process, freeing up valuable time and resources.

One of the most useful features of PLATMA is the ability to create a chatbot that can answer customer questions, provide product recommendations, and process orders. Using the user-friendly “drag-and-drop” interface, Jill was able to create a custom sales script that meets the needs of her business. For example, her chatbot can greet customers, ask them what they’re looking for, and then provide them with product recommendations based on their preferences. And whether I’m running a website or an Instagram store, Jill was able to automate the communication process without needing a programmer.

In addition to automating customer communication, PLATMA also allows Jill to connect her chatbot to a CRM system through APIs. This enables her to track customer interactions, analyze their behavior, and generate sales reports. With PLATMA’s chatbot builder, it’s easy to create a smooth and personalized experience for customers, while also automating processes and reducing response times. This has greatly increased customer satisfaction and helped her to streamline her business operations.

It is clear that PLATMA can be a powerful solution for any business owner who wants to automate customer communications and streamline sales processes. Whether you’re in the business of selling courses or something entirely different, PLATMA’s low-code platform makes it easy to create customized solutions that meet your specific needs. The benefits of using PLATMA are numerous, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.