Investors Update 2024, January-April

April 12, 2024

Greetings, PLATMA Investors and Supporters!

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest highlights from our dynamic platform. At PLATMA, innovation is our driving force, and we’re delighted to share our remarkable progress recently.

In a groundbreaking move, PLATMA successfully launched its Software as a Service (SaaS) model, heralding a new era of accessibility and convenience. The response was nothing short of extraordinary, with over 100 registrations pouring in on the very first day. Recognizing the importance of user feedback, PLATMA conducted more than 50 personalized CastDev sessions with registered users, fostering engagement and gathering invaluable insights for further product refinement and development.

Platform Enhancements:

Amidst a flurry of innovation, PLATMA has undergone significant enhancements to ensure a seamless user experience:

  • Successfully launched and optimized PLATMA for real user interaction
  • Implemented a robust payment system for seamless transactions
  • Integrated with Google Analytics for comprehensive data analysis
  • Introduced a monitoring system for enhanced performance tracking
  • Enhanced UI Builder capabilities for intuitive app development
  • Developed features allowing users to create developer groups and invite others to use applications
  • Enabled the creation of user groups with different tariff plans and isolated access to PLATMA (Organization)
  • Published open-source components of PLATMA, fostering collaboration and innovation
  • Developed two new subscription packages, namely Trial and Beginner, catering to users at different stages of their
  • journey. Plans for additional packages are already in motion

AI Assistant Revolution:

Our journey into artificial intelligence has yielded remarkable results, propelling PLATMA into the forefront of technological innovation:

  • We completed a successful transition for our development team
  • Introduced a new AI architecture
  • AI Assistant now generates applications for PLATMA, streamlining the development process

PLATMA Events:

  • January 01: Portugal Exportador  (Video)
  • January 02: Istanbul business meeting with Domino Ventures and Invexen
  • February 02: IT Meets Tech

  • February 05: Demo Day Saudi Arabia

  • February 09: Digital Almaty 2024

LEAP – a global tech event that brings together 1,800+ exhibitors, 172,000+ attendance over 4 days, and 1000+ speakers. Our team presented PLATMA – an Extreme No-Code platform – to attendees, the press, and international media.

The PLATMA team attended the AI-Farabi Innovative Hub and gave prominent speeches. During the Demo Day, PLATMA presented the Extreme No-Code platform to the Minister of Digital Transformation of Kazakhstan and planned a joint event

Our recent engagements in California have been nothing short of exhilarating, marking a significant milestone in PLATMA’s journey:

  • March 16: Successfully passed the selection process at Berkeley SkyDeck, leading to an engaging interview.
  • March 16-26: Held impactful meetings with investors in San Francisco and Berkeley, laying the groundwork for future collaborations.
  • March 22: Convened with investors and founders at Startup Wise Guys to explore investment opportunities in PLATMA.
  • March 26: Hosted a pivotal meeting with esteemed investors, including Masae Sakai from Abeam Consulting Ltd (Japan), Artem Burachenok, Managing Partner at Dawn, Jing Kuang, Founding Partner at Y+ Ventures, Keshia Theobald-van Gent, VP at BDev Ventures, and Igor Ryabenkiy, Managing Partner at Altair Capital
  • Joined Pitches, Pivots & Pints event with us in Santa Monica.

Yaroslav Kologryvov gave a pitch at Pitches, Pivots & Pints LA. He discussed what got a founder from the “no” to “yes” with investors and how to make sure VCs are the right fit for you.

  • GGW Sharks, USA

The meeting with Ihor Riabenkiy

The Startup Pitch and Networking event gathered promising startups and eager investors. The PLATMA team gave a 2-minute pitch describing the Extreme No-Code platform’s opportunities for SMBs and citizen developers striving to build, maintain, and deploy apps 10x faster.

Key Achievements:

  • Secured a spot at Berkeley SkyDeck, showcasing PLATMA’s potential to industry leaders
  • Cultivated valuable connections with prominent investors and venture firms, fostering opportunities for growth and collaboration
  • Positioned PLATMA as an attractive investment opportunity, garnering interest from respected professionals
  • Demonstrated our commitment to transparency and engagement by actively participating in industry events and discussions

These milestones underscore our dedication to innovation and our relentless pursuit of excellence. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in shaping the future of technology and education

Platma Academy Expansion:

The launch of Platma Academy in Azerbaijan marks a significant milestone for us. Alongside this, we’ve expanded our course offerings in Ukraine, furthering our commitment to education and empowerment
Key Achievements:

  • Launched in Azerbaijan, expanding our reach into new territories
  • Introduced 4 new courses in Ukraine, catering to the growing demand for quality education

Pioneering Projects:

At PLATMA, we’re dedicated to supporting a diverse range of projects across various sectors, showcasing the versatility and efficacy of our platform. Here’s a glimpse into our recent achievements:

  • PLATMA has been instrumental in aiding projects spanning from governmental and educational initiatives to streamlining trading operations, demonstrating our platform’s adaptability to diverse needs.
  • We’re proud to announce that 80% of our Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) were completed within the first quarter. This remarkable feat underscores our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver results efficiently.
  • Our involvement in projects encompasses a wide spectrum of industries. This demonstrates our platform’s ability to cater to a myriad of requirements and drive innovation across sectors.
  • Each project represents a unique opportunity for us to make a tangible difference in various sectors.
  • With a focus on delivering tangible outcomes, our platform’s involvement in diverse projects underscores our commitment to driving meaningful progress and fostering innovation across industries.

Ongoing Development at PLATMA:

At PLATMA, our commitment to innovation transcends individual project names. We’re dedicated to continually enhancing our platform’s capabilities and user experience. This involves refining user interfaces, introducing new features, and optimizing processes to guarantee seamless functionality across the platform.
This dedication will materialize through:

  • Developing applications to meet user requests
  • Introducing a new subscription model
  • Achieving full integration with AI capabilities
  • Enhancing the complexity of applications created with AI Assistant
  • Implementing a dialogue mode for improved user engagement
  • Further integrating with PLATMA for enhanced functionality

In summary, these updates represent just a glimpse of the groundbreaking work happening at PLATMA. With each milestone achieved, we’re further solidifying our position as a leader in the tech industry. We’re grateful for your unwavering support as we continue on this exhilarating journey of innovation and growth.

Stay tuned for more updates!