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May 5, 2023

Node-RED is a powerful tool for creating applications with an emphasis on making it easy to connect blocks of code to complete tasks. It uses a visual programming approach that allows the developer to connect predefined blocks of code, known as nodes, to perform a task. This is possible by engaging the developed functionality in a node for future use. Due to the interaction between these nodes and the proper construction of the processes they implement, the creation of finished software products becomes possible. Nodes can include the implementation of graphical interfaces. Also they can combine other nodes, allowing to use one more global node for realization of the whole business process.

In recent years, Node-RED has quickly amassed a significant and growing user base, as well as an active developer community that provides new nodes that allow programmers to reuse Node-RED code to solve a wide range of problems. And PLATMA is the platform that builds data streams using the tool. Node-RED was chosen as a component of our business process construction platform. We use it to visually build a solution to the customer’s problems.

One of them involves the implementation of some business processes without using programming languages at all, such as checkout in an online store. In its work, PLATMA incorporates the developed functionality into a node for its further use. Each node has a clearly defined purpose. It is given some data, it processes and supplements them, and then passes this data on. In this variant, the following actions will be performed in one node:

First of all, the order should be placed and the delivery address selected (by filling in the necessary information for delivery). Then you should pay for the order online. After that, you need to perform automatic reporting of financial transactions to the tax office. Then you can proceed to the formation of further documents. After, you will receive a confirmation message on Telegram/WhatsApp, Viber and SMS with information about your order. And finally, the order is complete. The number of these nodes is very high, but we believe that the development of these elements will allow us to make a problem-oriented platform.

By becoming our co-creator, you will receive:

  • Development of any nodes for their further use.
  • Both standard functionality and specialized implementations for specific business needs.
  • The process of developing and building new solutions is accelerated by reusing code by simply dragging and dropping nodes on the canvas.
  • Most tasks can be implemented by business analysts: instead of layouts and business requirements, finished products will be created.
  • Your experience, knowledge and practice in building solutions will allow you to create nodes using best practices.
  • Your business analysts and developers will be able to contribute not only to the development of the platform, but also to the formation of these nodes.

In addition, partnering with s has the following benefits:

  • Employees with experience using the platform
  • Ability to build the following solutions using the platform
  • Reduced development costs and increased profitability.

Join PLATMA, a place where developers can connect and share code with each other. Our community offers out-of-the-box solutions and builders to reduce the need for large resources for software product development. Your business will quickly become a market leader as a result of this innovation. Want to learn more? Visit the site: www.platma.com