Revolutionizing Product Catalog Management with PLATMA’s Extreme No-Code Power

January 1, 2024
16 min

Within the dynamic landscape of supply chain management, the optimization of workflows proves essential for efficiency. PLATMA’s Extreme No-Code platform is a revolutionary solution, especially in product catalog management. In this piece, we will explore two scenarios exemplifying how PLATMA enables enterprises to streamline supply chain processes and elevate productivity.

Optimizing Supply Chain Management with Product Tables in Workflow

Supply chain efficiency relies on accurate tracking and management of product catalogs. PLATMA offers a groundbreaking approach by integrating product tables into the Workflow section using nodes and drag-and-drop components. This innovation allows users to:

a. Streamline Inventory Management
PLATMA enables users to create product tables seamlessly, optimizing the supply chain management process. With the ability to add QR codes to products, individuals can efficiently scan and manage items from their smartphones without losing track of names and article numbers among thousands of others.

b. Full Synchronization of Inventory Levels
PLATMA ensures full inventory level synchronization, providing real-time stock quantity updates. This feature eliminates discrepancies and allows for precise monitoring of product availability, reducing the risk of stockouts or overstock situations.

c. Unified Communication System
PLATMA consolidates communication within the platform, eliminating the need for fragmented discussions across multiple messaging platforms where information can be easily lost. The product tables in Workflow foster collaboration, ensuring that all relevant stakeholders have access to the latest updates and changes.

d. Instantaneous Financial Transactions
All financial transactions related to product shipments occur at the moment of dispatch. PLATMA’s integrated system ensures seamless and immediate processing of transactions, enhancing transparency and reducing the likelihood of errors in financial records.

2. Empowering Sales Departments with Data Visualization in DATASOURCE
In the sales domain, PLATMA offers a centralized hub for visualizing data, analyzing profitable positions, and setting sales department goals through the DATASOURCE section. Here’s how it addresses common challenges:

a. Unified Data Visualization
PLATMA consolidates data visualization, providing a single platform for analyzing sales metrics. The DATASOURCE section serves as a dashboard, offering insights into key performance indicators and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

b. Profit Analysis and Goal Setting
The platform allows users to analyze the profitability of different product positions. With this information, sales departments can make informed decisions about product offerings and set realistic sales targets.

c. Seamless Integration with External Services

PLATMA resolves the synchronization issue with other services by offering seamless integration with external platforms through API data. This ensures that data remains consistent across various tools and eliminates the need for manual data entry or reconciliation.

PLATMA’s Extreme No-Code Reshaping Supply Chain Dynamics
In conclusion, PLATMA’s Extreme No-Code platform revolutionizes supply chain and sales management by offering intuitive tools that streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and provide unparalleled visibility into key business metrics. Whether optimizing product catalogs or empowering sales departments with data-driven insights, PLATMA catalyzes innovation in modern business operations. Embrace the future of supply chain management with PLATMA’s groundbreaking capabilities.