Real-Estate Platform Powered by PLATMA: Online Property Case

The Dubai and UAE markets experience record-breaking growth, making them attractive for property buyers and sellers. These regions also recently implemented new regulations to increase transparency in property deal transactions.

Companies need a new product to reduce the time required to close a deal, provide a two-party revenue model for brokers, and offer fast communication. So, the primary goal was to create a multi-listing system for agents, foreign agents, real estate agencies, and developers.

Together with PLATMA, the task was to present a platform designed to provide the best selection experience, increase productivity, and simplify processes to close any property deal.

The Challenge

A new platform with flexible integrations with existing CRM systems was required. The client’s choice was made in favor of PLATMA since we have a Low-code platform with ready-made solutions to save both time and money.

The team got a task to create a functional and more informative platform according to the following requirements:

  • Reduced time to close the deal
  • Two-sided brokers​ revenue​
  • Verified ​properties
  • Brokers ​evaluation mechanism
  • Easy and fast communication on the platform community
  • Properties presell
  • Statistics ​of brokers’ performance with the brokerage.

The Solution

PLATMA started with the basics: we worked out all the requirements, studied the real estate market, and collected ideas. The designers communicated their suggestions and experience and discussed the project development concept. After all, we quickly went through all the stages and agreed on the structure and design of the new platform with the client.

This collaborative work resulted in the project Online Property, whose entire backend works on PLATMA. The platform combines CRM features, a business intelligence system, and communication tools to speed up the deal. The platform can also boast a light and easy-to-read design and a set of useful functionalities for customers.

The Results

The result for Online Property has dramatically simplified the flows, shifting from manual input/output of data to more creative and strategic tasks. The clients were provided with a modern platform where brokers could communicate and find clients or properties for each other by sharing the commission. Brokers interested in selling or renting their properties engage other brokers in cooperation. They communicate using a built-in messenger, discuss deals directly, negotiate faster, and split the commission.

In addition, the platform allows the pre-selling of properties and has a mechanism for brokers’ evaluation. The platform also provides statistics on brokers’ performance to the brokerage and offers verified properties for added security.
Why Choose PLATMA to Make Your Solution Work?

Thanks to PLATMA services, you get a low/no-code platform grounded in the declarative programming approach. We offer a range of low/no-code development tools to help you launch and promote your IT products or grow your business.

In the case of Online Property, PLATMA’s software development tools helped to increase productivity and enhance customer engagement quickly and easily. Using no-code tools, we also implemented automated repetitive tasks to free up time and resources.