Revolutionized Customer Service with Chatbot for Helen

Helen is an influencer in the sphere of beauty and wellness. Since 2015, she has been managing both online and offline stores that are in great demand in European countries. Her goal, for now, is to expand her business to the West market and optimize work operations. That is when she turned to PLATMA for a perfect solution.

Helen already has a large base of customers who seek a quick reply. However, the customer service team can’t do it 24/7 as they spend most of the time on routine tasks: the manual posting of content, segmentation of clients, distribution for customers, filling cards, and replying to FAQs…

PLATMA’s ultimate goal is for Helen to be able to concentrate on more important business tasks and expansion by delegating routine to the chatbot- SalesJinn.

The Challenge

During work, Helen was constantly facing high costs for customer service. Besides, she was also spending large sums on training and monitoring employees who were not motivated enough to perform their work. As a result, she had poor customer service and unsatisfied clients.

What’s more, some data was missing: from contacts and feedback to analytical reports. Therefore, Helen was making decisions based on intuition or assumptions, which could lead to wrong decisions and loss of money. Her marketing campaigns weren’t effective and she wasn’t able to identify trends and customer preferences.

The Solution

SalesJinn took all the support work into its hands providing automated assistance to customers. The clever chatbot performs routine inquiries, answers common questions, and offers essential support, allowing the customer service team to focus on more complex tasks. Available 24/7, SalesJinn offers customers its help outside of business hours, which increases their satisfaction and reduces the workload on support staff. In addition, chatbot increases sales as it collects information about what a particular client is interested in.

SalesJinn also solves business tasks associated with insufficient analytical capabilities by automating the process of data collection and analysis. Chatbot creates visual reports and dashboards that provide key metrics:

  • % of customer interest
  • Sales by channels
  • % of customer churn
  • Amount of sales by channels.

The Results

Prior to using SalesJinn Helen found herself spending all her free time communicating with customers and responding to inquiries. The Low-code platform PLATMA completely changed the way she is running her company now. Helen’s been able to automate the processes, freeing up valuable time and resources. For example, her chatbot greets customers, asks them what they’re looking for, and then provides them with product recommendations based on their preferences. And whether running a website or an Instagram store, Helen was able to automate the communication process without needing a programmer.

In addition, she can now track customer interactions, analyze their behavior, and generate sales reports. With PLATMA’s chatbot builder, it’s easy to create a smooth and personalized experience for customers, while also automating processes and reducing response times. This has greatly increased customer satisfaction and helped Helen to streamline her business operations.

SalesJinn Is a Perfect Solution to Increase Sales

Now, customers who turn to Helen’s services receive instant feedback at a professional level. While she sells even more goods fully automatically. Analyzing Helen’s experience, it becomes clear that PLATMA can be a powerful solution for any business owner who wants to automate customer communications and streamline sales processes. Whether you’re in the beauty and wellness business or something entirely different, SalesJinn comes in handy.

The chatbot conducts all stages of sales in real-time, which allows you to quickly respond to customer needs and ensures high quality of service. In addition, the product allows to integrate various tools to improve the workflow and increase productivity. With SalesJinn, you can easily collect leads, process data, analyze results and interact with customers. You will also be able to keep a detailed record of all transactions and analyze the data to improve your sales strategy. Reach new heights in sales with SalesJinn powered by PLATMA!