What’s PLATMA?

PLATMA is your 24/7 workspace for developing IT solutions. Our platform empowers you to develop IT solutions by yourself, without a dedicated technical person or spending excessive time and money. No programming experience is necessary for citizen developers to create with ease.
Low code
Open Source
Artificial Intelligence
Software Development
Extreme No-Code
Platma low code
PLATMA is not a low-code platform, it's not even a no-code platform. It's far beyond that concept. It's an Extreme No-Code Development that offers a simple English coding system and ready-made templates that allow you to achieve results in seconds. PLATMA is now more affordable than ever.
Low-code is guaranteed to dominate the market shortly That's why you need to choose a low-code platform today:
By 2023, 450 million apps will be built using low-code due to the talent shortage in the software engineering industry.
In 2025, 70% of new applications are expected to be built using low-code platforms
By 2024, 80% of enterprises will have policies in place for citizen developers
Expected CAGR of 31.1% from 2020 to 2030
Projected global market value of $65 billion by 2027
Low-code meets the growing need for a remote work environment and more efficient business systems
Can fast track digital transformation while reducing cost, risk, and waste
Businesses that embrace low-code development are more innovative and have higher retention rates
Our approach to IT development is truly unique, as we offer a comprehensive range of tools and services designed to make the development process more accessible and efficient. PLATMA allows citizen developers to “code" using natural language and ready-made components. With No/Low Code, even with limited tech skills you can create applications with ease. Our goal is to empower citizen developers and provide them with the necessary resources to build high-quality applications quickly and easily.

Here are some of the key features of our approach:

Low code
low-code platform
makes it possible for anyone to create software applications without needing extensive programming skills. This means that citizen developers can quickly build functional applications
having to learn complex
coding languages.
Our low-code tools are designed to be
and we offer comprehensive training and support to help users get started.
Open Source
We provide a range of
open-source components
that can be used to build cost-efficient applications. This approach allows developers to leverage existing code and resources, rather than building everything from scratch. In addition to saving time and money, our open-source components are also highly energy efficient, delivering energy savings of over 200%.
Artificial Intelligence
AI tools
allow for declarative natural language transformation into code. This means that developers can write code
using natural language
rather than having to learn complex programming languages. With our AI tools, developers can quickly and easily build sophisticated applications
needing extensive
technical knowledge.
In fact, our AI tools are so intuitive that 99% of the population can use them with ease.
Software Development
Our software development services allow us to launch new products on the fly. Whether you need to build a custom application from scratch or modify an existing one, our experienced development team can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We use the latest development tools and methodologies to ensure that your application is of the
highest quality.
Extreme No-Code
We also offer an extreme
no-code platform
that allows users to create applications using natural language as code. This approach is even more user-friendly than our
low-code platform
and is ideal for users with limited technical skills. With our extreme no-code platform, anyone can build functional applications with just a few clicks.
Finally, we offer a
where users can find ready-made templates and connectors for their applications. Our marketplace is designed to help users save time and effort, by providing them with access to a wide range of
pre-built components.
Whether you need to add new features to an existing application or build a new one from scratch, our marketplace has everything you need.
PLATMA provides the tools necessary to make IT development accessible to anyone. Try our platform today and see how we can help you launch new products and achieve your goals. Let's change the world together!